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第7回  Sweet Beginnings

4月といえば、1年のなかでも新しいことが始まるとき、気持ちを切り替えるときですが、今月のThe Sweet Lifeではそういう新しさをお菓子で表現してみました。今年は桜も早く、東京ではもう終わりつつありますが、その余韻を最後まで味わおうと思い、桜のレシピをご紹介します。以外に簡単でエレガントなお菓子、作ってみては?

April in Japan is a month of new beginnings, a new school year, new hires, and a fresh start for the rest of us. It used to be that the cherry blossoms were just starting to bloom in Tokyo this time of year, blossoming as if to celebrate a beautiful new start to the year. Their early appearance this year left me wanting their fleeting beauty to last just a little bit longer, and led me to create a simpler version of a cake that was incredibly popular at my shop this time of year, our Cherry Blossom Gateau.
This white chocolate and yogurt mousse is most elegant when served in a glass, whether it be a wine glass, brandy glass, or shot glass. The preserved cherry blossoms are traditionally used in festive teas, and can be found at most department stores in the green tea or tsukemono section. Use a toothpick to arrange the blossoms in the gelee, working quickly before it hardens.
It also turns out that April is a month of new beginnings for me as well, with the start of Busy Little Bee Tokyo, toddler cooking and crafts classes. I teach the cooking classes (I should not be allowed near crafts at any cost!), and we had great fun in our classes last month! Our hands on toddler cooking classes use healthy ingredients and little to no sugar or butter, while our baking classes for moms teach grown up desserts while the children watch and play. Our website is www.busybeetokyo.com, and below is a photo from one of our first classes!
Hoping that this month's dessert puts you in the frame of mind for a sweet, new beginning!

Sakura Verrine
sakura verrine.JPG

Mousse Blanche
70g white chocolate
4g leaf gelatin (soak in 24g water for 3 minutes)
140g yogurt (at room temperature)
100g heavy cream

Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over hot water. Add the softened gelatin and soaking water and mix well. Beat the yogurt until smooth with a whisk, then add it to the white chocolate mixture. Beat the cream to a soft peak, and add it to the yogurt / chocolate mixture. Pour into glasses and chill in refrigerator until firm.

Sakura Gelee
sakura cake.JPG
110g syrup
20g sakura liqueur
3g leaf gelatin (soak in 15g water)
Salted sakura blossoms (put in a bowl of water and refrigerate overnight to remove saltiness)
Simmer syrup and liqueur, remove from heat and add the softened gelatin. Cool to room temperature, then pour gently over the chilled and hardened mousse blanche. Quickly decorate with the sakura petals and chill until firm.

100g granulated sugar
200g water
Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan and simmer until sugar is completely melted. Remove from heat.

cooking class s and k 2.jpg

The Sweet Life

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